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New Report: The Scottish Wellbeing Index

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first edition of the Scottish Wellbeing Index, a new regular tracker of Scotland’s wellbeing.  Part of the Understanding Scotland survey, this ambitious new initiative will allow us to monitor wellbeing in Scotland, as well as to understand it’s facets, determinants and drivers through its bank of high-quality data.

This report gauges the levels of wellbeing and life satisfaction within the Scottish population, as well as feelings of worth, happiness and anxiety, and explores how these vary across demographic groups.  We find that a majority of the Scottish population feel broadly positive about their lives, but with stark inequalities breaking along socioeconomic lines.

Click the icon to read the inaugural Scottish Wellbeing Index report, and explore the data here. Follow us on Twitter or sign up here for updates on our forthcoming series of reports.

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