Vast majority of Scots confirm they will take vaccine when offered

The vast majority of Scots have confirmed they will take the COVID 19 vaccine when they are offered it, with over three quarters saying they definitely would have it and only six percent saying they probably wouldn’t.

Only 3% of Scots will definitely say No to the Covid vaccine

As the Covid-19 vaccination programme gets underway in Scotland, new polling indicates that the vast majority of Scots intend to take the vaccine and outright opposition is low.

Around three quarters of Scots (77%) say that they will definitely (56%) or probably (21%) take the vaccine if offered. This is a small increase of 5 percentage points from the previous measure of this question, when 72% said would definitely or probably take the vaccine. In line with the slight increase in support for taking the vaccination, opposition has fallen from 10% in November to 6% now, while around 1 in 6 remain undecided.

Question: There’s been much talk about a vaccine for Coronavirus.  Will you take the vaccine if you are offered it?

A more detailed look at the data highlights few significant differences in attitudes among population sub-groups. In terms of opposition to taking the vaccine, women are slightly more likely then men to be opposed (7% versus 4% of men), while those at either end  of the age scale are more supportive of taking the vaccine than those in the middle age groups; so, just 4% of those aged under 35 and 3% of those aged 65+ say they probably or definitely won’t take the vaccine, while this rises to as high as 9% among those aged 45-54. In truth however, these differences are not hugely significant.

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Written by Mark Diffley

10 December 2020

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