We offer a full range of research and consultancy services, all delivered to the highest standards of quality and integrity. From quantitative and qualitative research and consultancy, to commentary and advice on all areas of our expertise, we’ll work closely and enthusiastically with you to deliver certainty and clarity.


Good quality research is vital to understand what people are thinking, how they behave and what they plan for the future. Organisations in all sectors need to undertake research in order to understand the public/their customers/their stakeholders and then make key decisions.

It is therefore vital that the research you commission is robust and reliable, answering the questions you are interested in and providing you with a clear steer on the actions to take.

Our expertise and track record in delivering research and analysis and insight has been developed over many years. Mark and the team have overseen many of the largest government surveys in Scotland, while also delivering important local qualitative studies, in both cases providing invaluable data and insight that drives policy and helps decision-makers to take action.

We offer the full suite of research services:

Full quantitative research services – undertaking all aspects of research design, management, delivery and analysis, working with all data collection tools including online and telephone surveys,

Full qualitative research services – including focus group discussions, individual depth interviews, citizen engagement including assemblies, deliberative events and other forms of qualitative engagement,

Research with a range of audiences – this includes, the general public but also bespoke stakeholder audiences – this may include politicians, business leaders, the media, sector specific audiences or others.

Consultancy and advice

Understanding public opinion has never been so valued and important.

In a fast changing world, it is vital for organisations to keep up to date with what the public and their stakeholder are thinking, how these views are changing and what might affect how opinion moves in the future.

We provide comprehensive insight and analysis of opinion on a variety of political and public/social policy issues – if you or your clients and stakeholders need to know what is happening in your field or in the broader political environment then get in touch.


We also advise organisations on a range of research, consultation, analysis and communication issues, for example over research strategy, methods used, questions asked, analysis undertaken and communication of findings and recommendations for action.


We are expert and experienced communicators.

We regularly appear in the broadcast media, most often on STV and BBC Scotland to comment on political developments and public opinion.

Mark writes articles and thought pieces which regularly appear in the media and in magazines, from The Times and The Scotsman to Holyrood Magazine and The New Statesman. You can read all his published articles on this website.

Mark regularly speaks at conferences and client events on a wide variety of issues

Mark also provides expert and impartial commentary to all forms of media on a range of issues. He has worked with parties and campaigns from across the political spectrum throughout his career.